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About our firm

Meble Ogrodowe Grodzisk


Słonecznikowa 1

05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki

NIP – tax indentification number: 529176892

Our mission is to offer the highest quality products (garden furniture) made of wooden


We provide a full service at an affordable price and the highest quality of our products is confirmed with certificate of the Grey Dog Sled Club:



KSPZ GREY (GREY Dog Sled Club)

str. Lesna 1

05-830 Nadarzyn


Kennels for dogs

Vladimir Ustsinovich

str. Słonecznikowa 1

05-825 Grodzisk Maz



ref. no. 03.02.2009


Mr. Vladimir Ustsinovich introduced the made by him kennels at the Dog Sled competitions that took place in Rembertów, Warsaw on 5-6 October 2009. He also founded the price – a nice kennel for the best competitor in Bikejoring women class.


Vladimir offered the highest quality products that attracted a wide interest of competitors and spectators. A wide range of kennels and a possibility of adaption the design for individual needs distinguish Vladimir’s products and help them to gain a big advantage on the market.


Vladimir’s open approach, his ingenuity and a search the best solutions for the customers are rare and very useful features combined.


GREY Dog Sled Club established the contacts with Mr. Vladimir Ustsinovich and our competitors will purchase his kennels for dogs as needed.



Yours sincerely,


Anna Pawlowska-Witek, President of KSPZ GREY


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