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Our Offer

We carry a variety of high quality garden woodenware such as kennels for animals, swing sets, sandboxes, outdoor playsets, gazebos. We make an individual offer to each customer and create satisfying solutions to his needs.

Also we deal with construction and renovation of the woodenware and garden furniture, sawmill’s operation.


Kennels for dogs

We specialize in producing the kennels (their best quality was estimated by the Grey Dog Sled Club (Klub Psich Zaprzęgów Grey), examples of prices:

  • small size kennels: 70 cm x 45 cm for dogs of the Spaniel type
  • medium size kennels: 87 cm x 59 cm for medium-sized dogs as the Boxers
  • large size kennels: 100 cm x 72 cm for large-sized dogs as the German Shepherds

Possible fittings:

  • wooden platform for small size kennels
  • wooden platform for medium and large kennels
  • kennel hangings for winter time
  • painting and decorating of the kennels
  • kennel-warming
  • dog runs sets (animal enclosure): 1,5 m x 1,5 m
  • dog runs sets: 3 m x 3 m

Why choose our kennels?

  • kennels are equipped with a three-layer floor: wood board, Styrofoam, fiberboard
  • paneling is made of high quality Sibirian wood that is characterized by higher durability and resistance to weather conditions and bark beetles
  • our products have the highest quality workmanship, they are even appreciated on the English market
  • all the corner joints are smeared with glue and connected to the screw that allows to reach better durability in comparison with using the nails
  • wood boards are precisely cut and carefully joined
  • a quality of our kennels gained a recognition in Dog Sled competitions
  • warmed and non-warmed kennels are available
  • we also carry many unusual sizes according to the customers’ needs